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New public APIs for replacing strings

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......@@ -277,4 +277,38 @@ public struct Regex {
public func findAll(inString string: String) -> FindResultSequence {
return FindResultSequence(regex: self, string: string)
/// Replace all matches of a string by using a closure.
/// This allows powerful searching without the need to do advanced string edit logic by hand.
/// - parameter string: The string in which to search.
/// - parameter closure: A closure that will be passed `FindResult`s. Return the desired replacement value for each FindResult.
public func replaceAll(inString string: String, usingClosure closure: (FindResult) throws -> String) rethrows -> String {
var replaced = string
//For substitiutions of a different length than the source string, the string will change size as we read it
var offset = 0
for match in self.findAll(inString: string) {
//find existing length
let length = match.entireMatch.end - match.entireMatch.start
//take the part up the current match
var new_newString = String(replaced.utf8[replaced.utf8.startIndex ..< replaced.utf8.index(replaced.utf8.startIndex, offsetBy: match.entireMatch.start + offset)])!
//take the new part
let newString = try closure(match)
new_newString += newString
//take the part after the current match
new_newString += String(replaced.utf8[replaced.utf8.index(replaced.utf8.startIndex, offsetBy: match.entireMatch.end + offset) ..< replaced.utf8.endIndex])!
//calculate the new offset
offset += (length - newString.utf8.count)
replaced = new_newString
return replaced
/// Replace all matches of a regex with another string
/// - parameter string: We use the `entireMatch` of this value
/// - parameter newString: We replace the `entireMatch` with this new value
public func replaceAll(inString string: String, withNewString newString: String) -> String {
return self.replaceAll(inString: string, usingClosure: {j in return newString})
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