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......@@ -19,11 +19,14 @@ If an attacker gains write/commit access to your secrets file, they may be able
FISA supports these commands:
$ FISAcli
fisa [command]
Valid commands:
createIdentity: Create a new identity and save it to the specified file.
createFISA: Create a new FISA secrets file and save it to the specified location.
printFISA: Print the FISA file.
getPublicIdentity: Get the public portion of your identity
getSecretIdentity: Get the secret portion of your identity, suitable for FISA_IDENTITY environment variable
addPublicIdentity: Add the public portion of an identity to the specified FISA file
removePublicIdentity: Remove the public portion of an identity from the specified FISA file
setSecret: Creates a secret or sets an existing one to a new value
......@@ -32,6 +35,8 @@ FISA supports these commands:
legal: Display legal information
version: Displays version information
For more information, try fisa [command] --help
# Installation
You can install from homebrew.
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