Commit 504267f4 authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Even more modernize build

See #3
parent 4a08adb9
Pipeline #540 failed with stage
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ xcs:
- "$CJ waitForIntegration --hostname localhost --botID $XCSBOT --sslPolicy localhost --buildNumber $XCSBUILDNO"
- "$CJ xcsStatusToShell --hostname localhost --botID $XCSBOT --sslPolicy localhost --buildNumber $XCSBUILDNO"
- "ZIPFILE=$($CJ getNameVersionString --infoPlistPath ${APP_NAME}/Info.plist --productName ${APP_NAME})-dev-${CI_BUILD_ID}.zip"
- "mv /tmp/${APP_NAME}.zip /tmp/${APP_NAME}/$ZIPFILE"
- "mv /tmp/ /tmp/${APP_NAME}/$ZIPFILE"
- /tmp/FISA
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