Commit c605ebe2 authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Update projectID

parent b7a56563
Pipeline #328 skipped
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ types:
type: test
- "/Applications/ forceGitLabBranch --branchName CaveJohnsonAuto --hostname --projectID 6"
- "/Applications/ forceGitLabBranch --branchName CaveJohnsonAuto --hostname --projectID 16"
- "sleep 1"
- "/Applications/ xcsIntegrateNow --botID 31b0b0bb4b62ed4d8a5f6eccaf4bb84e --hostname localhost --sslPolicy localhost"
- "/Applications/ waitForIntegration --hostname localhost --botID 31b0b0bb4b62ed4d8a5f6eccaf4bb84e --sslPolicy localhost"
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