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  • 2.3
    d2da799f · Update dependencies ·
    Release 2.3
    • Requires 10.11 El Capitan
    • Update to Xcode 7.1.1
    • waitForIntegration now waits for triggers to be completed (#8) before continuing.
    • Update dependencies
      • CLIKit=>1.2.1
      • NaOH=>
      • FISA=>1.2.1


  • 2.2
    e1d1cfb2 · Update changelog ·
    Release 2.2
    • Formerly, xcsWaitForIntegration and xcsStatusToShell took a sha parameter. They now take a buildNumber instead. The use of a sha does not actually identify a particular build in the case that multiple integrations run on the same sha. See #6 for details.
    • xcsIntegrateNow now returns a build number to stdout. See #6 for details.
    • For tips on migrating existing scripts, to support the above two changes, see the new example in the wiki.
    • Frontend now rewritten in Swift, for more details, see #3
    • Support for rare XCS errors internal-procesing-error, internal-build-error, and trigger-error
    • Updated to Xcode 7.0.1


  • 2.1
    Release 2.1
    • Update to final Swift 2 runtime
    • Update project dependencies
    • Possibly? resolving Assertion: Could not checkout sources because source control information could not be loaded. Please try again later. See https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/18030 for more information.
    • Resolving a runaway memory allocation in waitForIntegration


  • 2.0
    5b6ad76c · Empty commit ·
    Release 2.0

    Initial release