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With Xcode, we run the Caroline engine inside a single XCTest. This lets you mix and match Caroline and XCTest projects in order to try out Caroline or incrementally migrate your code. It also means Caroline will go everywhere XCTest goes, including running on devices, your CI system, Xcode Server, AWS Device Farm, and much more.
.. todo::
where do the users download the framework for xcode?
You can download Caroline releases manually from the [releases page]( However, the recommended method is to use [Anarchy Tools]( :code:`atpm` can automatically update your Caroline installation and can make sure information about the specific version you last used is available in source control.
Downloading with atpm
1. Create a build.atpkg
.. code-block:: clojure
:name "YourProgram"
:external-packages [
:version [">=0.1"]
:channels ["core-osx-swift-2.2" "core-ios-swift-2.2"]
:url ""
.. note::
Caroline supports the following channels. Choose the correct one(s) for your platform:
* :code:`core-osx-swift-2.2` Swift 2.2, OSX
* :code:`core-ios-swift-2.2` Swift 2.2, iOS
2. Install atpm. See the documentation on ` <>`_.
3. Tell atpm to install Caroline.
.. code-block:: bash
atpm fetch
Caroline will be installed into :code:`external/Caroline/channels/[channel-name]`.
4. Check build.atlock into source control. This ensures the version of Caroline you were building with is tracked in source control.
.. code-block:: bash
git add build.atlock && git commit -m "Add Caroline"
5. To update Caroline, use atpm.
.. code-block::
atpm update
Installing Caroline into an Xcode project
Regardless of how you download Caroline, it can be integrated into your Xcode project by following these steps:
1. Drag the Caroline framework into your project
......@@ -112,17 +162,6 @@ With Xcode, we run the Caroline engine inside a single XCTest. This lets you mi
5. Press Cmd-U. Your tests should run and pass successfully.
Staying up to date
You can download new Caroline from the [releases page](
Caroline can also be updated with the `atpm` package manager.
.. todo::
Updating caroline via AT
For projects built with AnarchyTools
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