Commit 563b3f59 authored by Drew's avatar Drew

utf8 collections can't be negative-indexed

For some reason (??) this collection isn't bidirectional (or not anymore?)
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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
extension String {
func hasSuffix(_ str: String) -> Bool {
let view = self.utf8[self.utf8.index(self.utf8.endIndex, offsetBy: -str.utf8.count)..<self.utf8.endIndex]
let view = self.utf8[self.utf8.index(self.utf8.startIndex, offsetBy: self.utf8.count - str.utf8.count)..<self.utf8.endIndex]
var strIndex = str.utf8.startIndex
for char in view {
if char != str.utf8[strIndex] { return false }
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