Commit 2d73b266 authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Convert hyphens to RUBYCASE

parent fbb24bbe
......@@ -76,12 +76,16 @@ if [ -z ${URL+x} ]; then
# compute the sha256 sum
SHA=`shasum -a 256 bin/${NAME}.atbin.tar.xz`
SHA=`shasum -a 256 ${COMPRESSED}`
#Convert hyphens to RUBYCASE
#behold the power of perl
RUBYCASE=`echo "$NAME" | perl -pe 's/(^|-)./uc($&)/ge;s/-//g'`
echo "
# Documentation:
class Atbuild < Formula
class $RUBYCASE < Formula
desc \"No description! file a bug at\"
homepage \"No homepage! file a bug at\"
url \"${URL}\"
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