Commit b8993073 authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Update to released atbuild

parent cef7f3ca
Pipeline #1919 passed with stage
......@@ -49,12 +49,12 @@
:osxcheck {
:tool "shell"
:script "cd tests/osx && ~/Code/AnarchyTools/atbuild/bin/atbuild --toolchain xcode check"
:script "cd tests/osx && atbuild --toolchain xcode check"
:dependencies ["default"]
:ioscheck {
:tool "shell"
:script "cd tests/ios && ~/Code/AnarchyTools/atbuild/bin/atbuild --toolchain xcode --platform ios check"
:script "cd tests/ios && atbuild --toolchain xcode --platform ios check"
:dependencies ["default"]
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