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# package-deb # package-deb
package-deb is an atbin packager that builds `deb`s.
# Usage
See [documentation](
# AT internal release process
To get AT tools in our official repos, do the following:
1. Run CI
2. Download a deb package built from CI
3. Upload deb package to via web
Ask @drewcrawford for access
# Maintainer notes
package-deb is self-hosting; it does not require AT to build. This is primarily because we want to use it to package atbuild itself, so it cannot depend on atbuild to work.
package-deb requires a large number of Debian tools as dependencies, but using them is considered preferable to manually emitting a package file directly.
For these reasons, it's written in shell, largely glues together Debian tools, and there is no compile step. It's a manually-mananged [`atbin`]( format.
As a result, package-deb is used to package itself, which is basically the test of its correctness.
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