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    WIP: atpkg support for binary atpm · a0087169
    Drew authored
    See https://github.com/AnarchyTools/atpm/issues/1
    This commit adds
    * Dependency type to ExternalDependency, to distinguish between Git and Manifest types
      This design was settled on after looking at several, including autodetecting git (which is possible via git ls-remote)
      However, manifest ExternalDependency is quite different than Git ExternalDependency for several reasons (including the use of channels)
    * Channels, which are essentially like micropackages inside a package.  A channel lets us say "stable" "beta" "linux" "osx" "swift2.2" etc.  All releases are part of a channel.  It would be possible to use separate manifests for each channel, but this would require the use of multiple manifests for basic osx/linux packages, which is undesireable
    * Tokens can now start with numbers, which is important, as we now have syntax where `:1.0 { :url "https://example.com/some/tarball.xz"}` is used to define where some version can be located
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