Commit 2b10de2a authored by Johannes Schriewer's avatar Johannes Schriewer

Bugfix: Package parser failed when a external dependency could not be loaded

parent a846230a
Subproject commit a8bd369a2a16331ed8c060fbaea9b6b51dbee154
Subproject commit 79d1549a9868328c755d6c5ddb346592091d0a44
......@@ -249,8 +249,8 @@ final public class Package {
let remotePackage = try Package(filepath: pathOnDisk + importFileString, overlay: requestedGlobalOverlays, focusOnTask: nil)
remotePackage.adjustedImportPath = adjustedImportPath
} catch PackageError.ParserFailed {
print("Unsatisfied external dependency: \(, run atpm fetch")
} catch {
print("Unsatisfied external dependency: \( (Error: \(error)), run atpm fetch")
} else {
fatalError("Could not parse external dependency declaration for \(url)")
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