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    Revise required-overlays check · 3bf876c1
    Drew authored
    It is inappropriate to check for required-overlays at parse-time,
    because we may not be interested in the task with the required-overlays.
    Specifically, a case arose where a build task required linux/macosx
    overlays, but a clean task did not.  However, the user was required to
    run clean with the platform overlay for the (unused) build task to be
    The resolution here is to move the required overlays check to a separate
    API.  The downside here is that callers have to opt-in to this behavior.
    An alternate design would be to intercept this in the task subscript,
    but that was considered too invasive.
    Resolves https://github.com/AnarchyTools/atbuild/issues/66
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