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    Add actual effects to the configurations · 8f797026
    Drew authored
    This extends #104 by adding actual effects to the configurations rather than have them be no-ops.
    Effects include:
    * debug instrumentation (new in this PR), for emitting `-g` (see #73 for an obvious extension)
    * optimization control / WMO control
    * compression level (faster debug atbins)
    * test instrumentation (`-enable-testing`)
    * `#if ATBUILD_RELEASE` etc. from Swift code
    There are some deprecations associated with this PR:
    * `whole-module-optimization` atllbuild option is now deprecated; use `--configuration release` instead.  There currently is no plan to control these separately, use `--configuration plain` + `:compileOptions ["-O"]` to get optimization without WMO.  Or open a bug to complain about this change.
    * `magic` atllbuild option is now deprecated; to opt out of magic use `--configuration none` instead.
    Doc PR to follow.
    In addition, CI is now updated to produce release (optimized) builds for atbuild, which significantly optimizes atbuild performance.
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