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You can import tasks in remote files.
This is useful to depend on tasks specified in another package.
:name "atbuild"
;; import all the tasks in `atpkg/build.atpkg`.
;; These will be imported as `packagename.taskname`.
;; Since you cannot declare packages with periods manually, this
;; cannot conflict with any current tasks
:import ["atpkg/build.atpkg"]
;; We can then depend on a target from the remote package in our current one
:tasks {
:mytask {
:tool "atllbuild"
:source ["src/**.swift]
:name "mytask"
:outputType "executable"
:dependencies ["atpkg.atpkg"]
# Implementation note
Remote packages may have paths specified in a key, like "source". *Quite possibly, these keys should be interpreted relative to the path the task was declared in, NOT the working directory.*
To support this, `Task` has a property `importedPath` that tools may want to use.
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