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You can mixin settings to tasks via command line arguments
This allows you to enable or disable certain features, or support different platforms.
;;These configurations "override" task configurations when activated.
;;You activate a configuration via `atbuild --name [value]`
:configurations {
;;Create a configuration called "bootstrap"
:bootstrap {
;;If bootstrap is yes
:yes {
:atpkg { ;;specify additional options for atpkg
:bootstrapOnly true
:llbuildyaml "bootstrap/bootstrap-macosx-atpkg.swift-build"
:tasks {
:atpkg {
:tool "atllbuild"
:source ["atpkg/src/**.swift"]
:name "atpkg"
:outputType "static-library"
;; if `--bootstrap yes`, these additional settings will appear here
;; :bootstrapOnly true
;; :llbuildyaml "bootstrap/bootstrap-macosx-atpkg.swift-build"
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