Commit 47a15793 authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Use prunedDependencyGraph for dependency calculation

parent dae50e50
Pipeline #700 passed with stage
......@@ -63,7 +63,9 @@ print("Building package \(")
func runtask(taskName: String) {
guard let task = package.tasks[taskName] else { fatalError("No \(taskName) task in build configuration.") }
TaskRunner.runTask(task, package: package)
for task in package.prunedDependencyGraph(task) {
TaskRunner.runTask(task, package: package)
//choose which task to run
Subproject commit f3d8b062171fad2a8ab3c4b4eb9b77ac4c83cb55
Subproject commit f7817f776e73178ed0c657573b13867acba86e1e
......@@ -22,12 +22,7 @@ import atpkg
final public class TaskRunner {
private init() {}
static public func runTask(task: Task, package: Package) {
for dependency in task.dependencies {
guard let depTask = package.tasks[dependency] else { fatalError("The given dependency does not exist: \(dependency)") }
TaskRunner.runTask(depTask, package: package)
static public func runTask(task: Task, package: Package) {
print("Running task \(task.key)...")
let tool = toolByName(task.tool)
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