Commit 35ffbe76 authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Warn if we don't use an option to atllbuild

Close #25
parent 4b45e6e4
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Subproject commit 6b735cb9772e8afbbba83f953f00b331eb07be61
Subproject commit cb28b45a2c5890306a14cce79d8cca3c82d6bfc0
......@@ -184,6 +184,28 @@ final class ATllbuild : Tool {
func run(task: Task) {
//warn if we don't understand an option
let knownOptions = ["tool",
for key in task.allKeys {
if !knownOptions.contains(key) {
print("Warning: unknown option \(key) for task \(task.key)")
//create the working directory
let workDirectory = ".atllbuild/"
let manager = NSFileManager.defaultManager()
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ The `atllbuild` tool uses the [`swift-llbuild`](
:name "build"
;;Type of build. "library" and "executable" are supported.
:output-type "library"
:outputType "library"
;;walk the src directory and recursively find all swift files
:source ["src/**.swift"]
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