Commit ffa9c5dd authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Provide a sensible diagnostic if a user forgets the tool

Previously, we defaulted to `atllbuild` in this case, and started
prompting them about missing atllbuild keys, e.g.

    fatal error: Unknown outputType nil

This is almost certainly the wrong thing to do, instead we should
provide a diagnostic requiring them to specify the tool.

Test coverage.

Close #41
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Subproject commit 0aaaa9dc7ba1b4d2ce38c223d3d2b6da26c13702
Subproject commit 07cc9f90bf56cde0c0ce04b53c45c1c03f53bdb8
:name "agressive"
:tasks {
:default {
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -10,6 +10,17 @@ pwd
echo "****************SELF-HOSTING TEST**************"
$ATBUILD atbuild
echo "****************AGRESSIVE TEST**************"
cd $DIR/tests/fixtures/agressive
if $ATBUILD 2&> /tmp/warnings.txt; then
echo "No tool specified but passed anyway?"
exit 1
if ! grep "No tool for task default; did you forget to specify it?" /tmp/warnings.txt; then
echo "Got an error other than one prompting for the correct tool"
exit 1
echo "****************SHADOW TEST*********************"
cd $DIR/tests/fixtures/depend_default
if $ATBUILD build-tests; then
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