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......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ That's all you need to get started! `atbuild` supports many more usecases than
* `--clean`, which forces a clean build
* `--toolchain` which specifies a nonstandard toolchain (swift installation). By default we try to guess, but you can override our guess here. The special string `xcode` uses "xcode swift" for building. (Swift 2.2 does not contain all the tools we use, so you need to have a 3.x snapshot installed as well. However, this is a "mostly" xcode-flavored buildchain.)
* `--platform` which specifies the target platform. By default, this is the current platform. Pass a different value to cross-compile, see [platforms]( for details.
* `--configuration`, which specifies the active [configuration](
# Building
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