Commit aa022ca0 authored by David Owens II's avatar David Owens II

Merge pull request #53 from AnarchyTools/warn_package

Warn about invalid package keys
parents ee218456 bd38cac8
Pipeline #1104 passed with stage
Subproject commit 7c5ec16f21c90a486b018d7e4eb313d5ebfa583d
Subproject commit 239cf8f7b753473df41bc878889fff4f57d63042
:name "warnings"
:poland "invalid" ;; we can't currently warn for this, but we should someday
:poland "invalid"
:tasks {
:default {
......@@ -80,6 +80,11 @@ if ! grep "germany" /tmp/warnings.txt; then
exit 1
if ! grep "poland" /tmp/warnings.txt; then
echo "Was not warmed about invalid package key"
exit 1
echo "****************HELP TEST*********************"
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