Commit 5e1fc007 authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Update iOS stuff for atfoundation

parent b5d265c3
Pipeline #1702 passed with stage
......@@ -82,8 +82,8 @@ class PackageFramework: Tool {
//copy modules
let modulePath = AVersionPath.appending("Modules").appending(name + ".swiftmodule")
try! FS.createDirectory(path: modulePath, intermediate: true)
try! FS.copyItem(from: Path("bin/\(name).swiftmodule"), to: modulePath.appending(Platform.targetPlatform.architecture + ".swiftmodule"))
try! FS.copyItem(from: Path("bin/\(name).swiftdoc"), to: modulePath.appending(Platform.targetPlatform.architecture + ".swiftdoc"))
try! FS.copyItem(from: Path("bin/\(name).swiftmodule"), to: modulePath.appending(Platform.targetPlatform.architecture.description + ".swiftmodule"))
try! FS.copyItem(from: Path("bin/\(name).swiftdoc"), to: modulePath.appending(Platform.targetPlatform.architecture.description + ".swiftdoc"))
try! FS.symlinkItem(from: relativeAVersionPath.appending("Modules"), to: frameworkPath.appending("Modules"))
//copy resources
......@@ -21,6 +21,24 @@ public enum Architecture {
case arm64
extension Architecture: CustomStringConvertible {
public var description: String {
switch(self) {
case .x86_64:
return "x86_64"
case .i386:
return "i386"
case .armv7:
return "armv7"
case .arm64:
return "arm64"
func ==(a: Platform, b: Platform) -> Bool {
switch(a, b) {
case (.OSX, .OSX): return true
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