Commit 3942b7de authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Merge pull request #44 from AnarchyTools/non_vector_import

Update atbuild for throws Package constructor
parents 8e86cdec 6b53edcb
Pipeline #1018 passed with stage
......@@ -43,10 +43,7 @@ func loadPackageFile() -> Package {
packageFile = Process.arguments[i+1]
guard let package = Package(filepath: packageFile, overlay: overlays) else {
print("Unable to load build file: \(packageFile)")
let package = try! Package(filepath: packageFile, overlay: overlays)
return package
Subproject commit 9439d100d35ccbb5a8ce5483e8046858fb55e9db
Subproject commit b558e76ca1674b2c7278aeebf16e3df26731e678
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