Commit 2a850a71 authored by David Owens II's avatar David Owens II

Merge pull request #56 from AnarchyTools/diagnostic_overlays

Provide diagnostic for applied overlays
parents 3be96f70 7b105ffa
Pipeline #1108 passed with stage
Subproject commit 239cf8f7b753473df41bc878889fff4f57d63042
Subproject commit 974c4fcd650b0e1d0cfc239d2d8df977cce7856b
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ final public class TaskRunner {
private init() {}
static public func runTask(task: Task, package: Package) {
print("Running task \(task.qualifiedName)...")
print("Running task \(task.qualifiedName) with overlays \(task.appliedOverlays)")
let tool = toolByName(task.tool)
print("Completed task \(task.qualifiedName).")
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