Commit 238b651a authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Merge pull request #99 from AnarchyTools/ios-framework

Update our framework atllbuild option for iOS
parents 20703c64 ae27be5c
Pipeline #1906 passed with stage
...@@ -406,12 +406,20 @@ final class ATllbuild : Tool { ...@@ -406,12 +406,20 @@ final class ATllbuild : Tool {
if task[Options.Framework.rawValue]?.bool == true { if task[Options.Framework.rawValue]?.bool == true {
#if !os(OSX) #if !os(OSX)
fatalError("\(Options.Framework.rawValue) is not supported on this platform.") fatalError("\(Options.Framework.rawValue) is not supported on this host.")
#endif #endif
linkOptions.append("-Xlinker") linkOptions.append("-Xlinker")
linkOptions.append("-install_name") linkOptions.append("-install_name")
linkOptions.append("-Xlinker") linkOptions.append("-Xlinker")
linkOptions.append("@rpath/\(name).framework/Versions/A/\(name)") switch(Platform.targetPlatform) {
case .OSX:
case .iOS(let arch):
fatalError("\(Options.Framework.rawValue) not supported when targeting \(Platform.targetPlatform)")
} }
if let umbrellaHeader = task[Options.UmbrellaHeader.rawValue]?.string { if let umbrellaHeader = task[Options.UmbrellaHeader.rawValue]?.string {
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