Commit 1ef9795a authored by Drew's avatar Drew

Improve diagnostic for missing XCTest test-executable

Was not renamed as part of the great rekeying.  Also, make this strongly
parent 61e7e2a7
Pipeline #1073 passed with stage
......@@ -15,9 +15,13 @@ import atpkg
import Foundation
class XCTestRun : Tool {
enum Option: String {
case TestExecutable = "test-executable"
func run(task: Task) {
guard let testExecutable = task["test-executable"]?.string else {
fatalError("No testExecutable for XCTestRun")
guard let testExecutable = task[Option.TestExecutable.rawValue]?.string else {
fatalError("No \(task[Option.TestExecutable.rawValue]) for XCTestRun")
#if os(OSX)
var workingDirectory = "/tmp/XXXXXXXXXXX"
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