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The Anarchy Tools Build Tool.
`atbuild` is a cross-platform build system, primarily for Swift-language projects, following the [Anarchy Tools philosophy]( of simple, unopinionated, hackable tools.
atbuild is a small, configurable, mature, and boring Swift buildsystem.
1. It just builds your code. That's it. No bells, whistles, file downloads, or feature creep.
2. It is extensible and can be easily customized to work how *you* want.
3. It has no magic. It doesn't guess. It does what you tell it to do.
4. It has no opinions. It does not look down on you for writing code "wrong".
5. It is used to build many large production projects.
It follows the [Anarchy Tools philosophy]( of simple, unopinionated, hackable tools.
Key atbuild features:
* Builds Swift 2 & Swift 3 projects
* Can even build with Xcode's Swift
* Builds projects for OSX, Linux, and iOS (experimental)
* Can run custom scripts before, after, and during builds
* Customize all compile and link flags
* Powerful imports system for managing dependencies
* Overlays, custom tools, and external scripts allow maximum customization
* Uses the next-generation `swift-llbuild` engine
* Extensive [documentation](
* It's 1.0!
atbuild pairs well with:
* [atpm](, the Anarchy Tools Package Manager
* [xcode-emit]( which emits Xcode projects from an atbuild configuration
* [SublimeAnarchy](, the Swift IDE for Sublime Text 3
* Many [other AnarchyTools projects](!
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