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    Add iOS support · 656d6bb3
    Drew authored
    This commit adds support for static libraries, dynamic libraries, and
    executables compiled for iOS.
    Q: How do I build them?
    Use the new `--platform` strings:
    * `ios-x86_64`
    * `ios-i386`
    * `ios-arm64`
    * `ios-armv7`
    Q: What if I want to build for more than one architecture?
    Coming Soon
    Q: What is an iOS "executable", anyway?
    No idea, but it works!
    Q: What is not yet supported?
    - [ ] XCTest
    - [ ] Deploying or running iOS build products
    - [ ] Frameworks
    - [ ] Code signing
    - [ ] Compiling for iOS on Linux.  Believe it or not, I think this
          is actually possible for some programs, but I have no use for it
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